"My mentorship with Erin-Sunniva was nothing short of life changing. It was a completely transformational experience for me. It was so divinely guided that I even found her in the first place, and as soon as we did our first Akashic reading together, I knew I was meant to work with her and study under her mentorship. In our 8 weeks together, I learned to know myself in a different way. I learned how to be in alignment with my divine path, and how to check in and make sure decisions for myself as well as my business are in alignment. Our time together was a powerful journey of self exploration and I discovered how truly powerful I really am, and how to access and tap into that power. I am so eternally grateful to have been guided to Erin, and I know we will work together again. If anyone is considering a reading or mentorship with Erin, DO IT! Her ability to hold space and create a sacred container is magical, and she makes you feel so safe and supported. Erin I love you so much, thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and will continue to do!!!!"
Ann-Britt Hakannson - Spiritual Business Coach, California (Soulpreneur) (2020)

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Praise for the Mentorship

Greetings sister!

Are you ready to open up to your unique MAGIC?

Explore the realms of your psyche and depths of your inner Temple?

Are you ready to connect to the power of your gifts, activate them and align with your Sovereign, Galactic, multidimensional Self?

 Step into your Priestess Power, your womb magic, your relationship to yourself and your ability to command the Light! 

​​The Magdalene Mentorship is a 12 week deep dive into the medicine of Divine Feminine Leadership.

It is a course to support the awakening woman aching to be in tune with her whole Divine, Sovereign Self, fulfilling her mission, in service to love. 

This course is for the woman who is ready to be a leader in love for her self and be a shining example of healing and empowerment. 

In a community of sisterhood and support, this course connects you with sacred and powerful tools.

Tools to:

  • Develop your intuition and psychic gifts

  • Hold space, clear energies and dark beings, return beloved souls to the light

  • Amplify your womb-born potential to heal yourself through Spiritual Alchemy and support others in their healing as well

  • Connect you to your multi-dimensional and galactic self, Akashic Records, and past lives

  • Tools to align you with the medicines of the Earth, her elements and the deep purpose of prayer and devotion

  • Tools to connect you with your moon cycle, the moon, and your inner voices

  • And to bring out your own innate tools just waiting to be remembered…

Together, we walk in alignment with Mary Magdalene, a great healer and teacher on the path of love.

You don't have to be religious or a follower of Mary to be ready for this course.

You are ready when you realize you need YOUR magic in your life. You are ready when you realize there's something quite important that you need to be remembering right now, it's time to turn inward and discover all that you are. All that you have ever and always been.

Step forward to receive your Sacred Rose.

Align your Spirit with the True

Divine Feminine Cosmic Sophia!

Mary Magdalene is Divine Wisdom embodied.

Her work and Her ways guide us into the unconditional

Loving Heart of the Mother.  

This deep dive into Spiritual Alchemy is far more than a foundation in Earth-based mysteries and the Path of the Priestess.

It is an initiation into the Mysteries and the anchoring of

your truest medicine. 

Some topics covered in the course:

The Alchemy of the Sacred Container

It all starts here.

The power of the witness and the guide courses through you. You are a leader, prepared to hold a sacred space from the depths of your being. Explore the casting of a circle, the invocation of space, the welcoming of the Divine Helpers. Deepen your relationship with the elements and how they manifest and guide your life. 

The Mysteries of the ROSE

Walk the Labyrinth of Love, sing the song of the Beloved.

Get to know the Divine Archetype of the Healer and the Lover. 

Drink in the Sisterhood of the Rose and the ancient practice of

Devotion and relating to the Beloved within. 

Feminine Moon-Blood Mysteries/ Womb Magic

Divine Feminine wisdom lives within you.

The ebb and the flow are your tools, expand and create, contract and condense.

Discover the endless wonders of your Divine sensuality

and the incredible alchemy that exists in your blood and womb. 

Energetic Clearing and Protection

This invaluable tool is a must know for all healers, empaths and sensitives. 

Learn to truly care for your energy field, keep it clear and fortified.

Enhance your power and ability to command the Light, illuminate darkness,

and work with Divine Beings in this plane and beyond. 

Celtic Wheel/ Earth Medicine Path
Open to the Goddess in her many forms.

Harness the power of the Seasons and thrive in the

Natural Rhythms of the Earth and her Celestial alignments.
Deepen into ritual and honoring practices of Alchemy and Earth Magic.
Steep your heart in the teachings of the Mother, Gaia, 

as you prepare to explore the beyond.

Akashic Records/ Psychic Development

Learn to access and utilize the Records for yourself and others. 

Develop your psychic talents and hidden abilities. 

Travel the astral and learn to navigate 

​multi-dimensionally for healing and growth. 

Light Language/Sound Healing

Open to the truth of your heart. Move beyond the mind and let the Soul's voice be heard. Everyone's voice and Light Language is unique and equally powerful when one steps out of the way to let the light pour through the body. It can manifest from you vocally as well as in other forms,

such as art and writing.

Discover how your Light Language is expressed in you!  

Be Your Own Sound Healer!

Learn the dynamic tools of toning and vocalizing in order to harness healing frequencies and share them in your body through the joy of making sound. 

And other Spiritual Alchemy tools! 


Held in the container of individual and collective support,

the Mentorship includes private sessions with Erin Sunniva,

group lectures, and weekly and monthly sacred circle. 

This intensive will stoke the fires of initiation within your soul and

set you in due course for your greatest path. 


Mentorship Includes

  • Weekly Lecture/Lesson
  • Guided meditation/ ritual/ ceremony 
  • Practice: getting to know the tools 
  • Magdalene journey through the 7 powers
  • Reading assignments and journal prompts
  • Rose blessing/teachings
  • Wheel of the Year; Celtic medicine​
  • One-on-One sessions with Erin Sunniva
  • Recordings of all lectures and private sessions


What will you get out of it???

  • A strong foundation in Earth Magic and creating a Sacred Container
  • Training in Spiritual and Somatic Alchemy
  • A deeper connection to the cycles of nature and power times on the Wheel of the Year
  • Concrete tools for psychic and Spiritual development
  • A fortified sense of purpose and leadership on your Divine Path
  • A connected core sisterhood, a community of support on the Path
  • The ability to connect to and listen to your Ancestors, Guides, and Highest Self
  • Connect directly to your multi-dimensional and Galactic Self
  • Ability to travel inter-dimensionally
  • Protocol for clearing Earth Bound Spirits and entity attachments
  • Tools to cut cords and call back Soul parts
  • Confidence to tackle any Spiritual adversity that comes your way
  • Private coaching and guidance with Erin Sunniva
  • Initiation into the Sisterhood of the Rose
  • The initiation as a Priestess of the Goddess



Schedule your Discovery Call with Erin Sunniva to discuss the course and answer questions

~Payment plans are available~ 

~Sliding scale available as needed based on authentic ability~ 

​Please note:

This work is for all who are Woman identified. The Mysteries are available to you. We are in full support of the anchoring of the Divine Feminine in all the ways She chooses to manifest. You are welcome here. 

If you are ready, let's dive right in! 



Praise for Erin Sunniva and the Magdalene Mentorship!


"Erin is an amazing mentor and teacher, full of insight, wisdom and compassion - I adore working with her. Thank you for our sessions I always get so much out of them."

Maria Therase Cucinotta - Divine Feminine Life Coach, Australia (2019) 


"The Magdalene Mentorship is a way of life, practice, and connection. When I first discovered it, I was deeply intrigued. Erin worked with me to help develop the skill I already possessed. She also helped me open new ones within me. She connected to my spirits, guides, guardians, and higher self and tailored my mentorship to me, what I needed and wanted. She made this mentorship cost effective by developing an affordable payment plan that worked for me. I had the opportunity to met Erin in person. Her energy radiates with pure intention, love, and support. Her approach with the local community was nothing short of amazing and enlightening. For years I have been searching for someone who would help me anchor myself, higher self, and gifts. I have found everything I needed and more through Erin' s connection to spirit. I AM eternally grateful for Erin and get gifts. The saying "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Holds so much value and I cannot wait to learn more. With Love and Gratitude, Always and All Ways."

Kathleen DeMarco, R.N., Reiki Master, Pennsylvania (2019)