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Greetings, beloved. How fortunate to find you here!

I believe we all have innate abilities, gifts, within us that are unique and given at this precise moment because they are needed for these times. 

My work and purpose is to support you in knowing your gifts, having your basket of tools for your path, helping you to see clearly. It is time to have the certainty within yourself of your Divine RIGHT to speak power in this world, heal yourself, and move mountains. 

I do this work in different ways through Sonic, Somatic, and Spiritual Alchemy. I provide council and intuitive insight. Through my psychic gifts and the help of the Divine, I have the ability see into your Akashic Soul Records and communicate with your guides and Higher Self. 

I tend to the multidimensional you. And it is an honor. 

​Please enjoy my digital temple space and see all about me and what I offer to support you in your greatest Soul-centered evolution.

Reach out to me so we can schedule a Discovery Call and find out together how the Divine sings in you! 

I look forward to connecting with you. 

In service and love, 

Erin Sunniva 

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With Erin Sunniva 

Coming up! September 11, 2022

Welcome to the next phase of your Spiritual evolution! ​

Sacred Sisterhood Circle 

meets every Friday 9am MST on Zoom

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Sacred Sisterhood Circle 

It is time to return to your magic. 

  • Clear your relationships and relieve yourself of old burdens and cords. 
  • Know your greatness and receive the medicine of your soul. 
  • Know what is holding you back and receive the tools to make great strides on your heart's true path. ​
  • One Session $111 (Regularly $222)
  • 3 or 6 Sessions as needed:
    • Soul Star Session / Past Life Regression / Entity Removal and Clearing
  • Stellar Alignment Package  of 6.:. $647 (Regularly $1333)
  • Self Atunement Package of 3: $333