An ordained Priestess of the Goddess Isis, Erin Sunniva McHugh walks the path of the Magdalene offering intuitive readings and coaching sessions using a broad range of tools including Tarot (accessing the Akashic), ceremony, and sound healing. She uses her extensive training and initiations in personal development and spiritual life guidance to support you in living your best life, in a sacred way.

A sacred songstress, Erin Sunniva earned a BA in Vocal Performance and subsequently began 15 years of studying the mysteries of nature and the subconscious (training to be a Certified Hypnotherapist). She developed the ability to commune with the astral plane and be a sonic vessel for healing. This is a gift that she uses in her Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions, Akashic Record and Tarot Readings, and even more so, as a guide and teacher, to awaken similar abilities in others.  When needed, Erin Sunniva guides her clients through past life regression to achieve ultimate soul healing. 

​These, and other great gifts are present within Divine Singing, just for you. 

​​​​​​​                          Praise for Erin Sunniva: 

I had the most EPIC Akashic record/psychic reading with the awesome, heart filled POWERHOUSE Erin-Sunniva McHugh. She was immediately RIGHT ON all the things that are happening in my life at the moment. Including some very private and delicate family healing that is going on. The truth bombs that she landed in my body were POWERFUL and I feel a deep sense of relaxation, knowing I've been given the hard and loving words I really needed to hear. Our session touched on so many aspects, from the very human, family level of healing, to the soul, to the converging of timelines. If you're looking for some guidance on a human and/or a soul level I highly recommend you connect with her.

Courtney Maria Halsted, 

Melbourne, Australia

"Erin Sunniva McHugh offers truly amazing insight and deep work. During our time she helped me solidify my life path, find my home, and re-connect with my higher self and the deep wisdom I carry. I see A LOT of practitioners, healers, readers of other realms and so forth. Erin is the real deal! I highly HIGHLY suggest receiving her work and trusting in her abilities." 

~ Cassie Lyn, 
LMT, Boulder, CO

"[Erin]  is a true Priestess and holds her self to a vibration of love, honor and integrity. If you're seeking guidance, tools, wisdom, answers, or clarity, I highly recommend reaching out to do a session with her."

~ Sophia Reneé Isis
LMT, Naples, FL

"I watch Erin's livestreams and the meditations have me extremely relaxed. Her beauty & wisdom is pure and raw and I appreciate being able to calm my anxiety with her videos!" 

~ Hayley Holmes
Caregiver, Longmont, CO 

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