Divine feminine mysteries

The earth, the air, the fire, the water return, return, return, return to the truth of the divine feminine. Demystify what is inherently coded within us all, Shakti looking for its path to rise.

We are the illuminated wisdom keepers. We hear the call, louder and louder. It is time to rise and answer with innovative unity and an authentic heart. 

Diving Singing is the discovery and devotion to the oneness of All That Is. The gathering of the ancient ones within us, in the form of sisterhood and brotherhood, the circling of hearts, the amplifying of prayer. Divine Singing provides opportunities for individuals and groups to awaken and embolden their true potential within the alignment of their sacred mission on Earth. 

​Sisterhood of the rose

Our Sacred Path evolves quickly. Sometimes it’s clear and smooth, and sometimes it’s layered and challenging. You never have to walk alone. 

In the beginning there was sound. Life is the Ceremony. Your heart is the altar. Come sit in the presence of Love. 

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