"We are the women, we come to drum. We are the channel 'tween the Earth and the Sun." 
Women have been circling for millennia.

Remember, return, resource. 

The path of the Priestess is about discovering the sacred within, the sweet rose blooming transcendence. Initiate yourself into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries with intimate guidance and mentor-ship. This 10 week online course provides a foundation in magic and the path of the Priestess, walking in the Divine Feminine. More information on facebook here. 

Practical Prayer


Connect your heart with your voice. Tap your roots deep into the Earth. Nourish the soul with the power of your intentional attention to the Spirit. 

September 2nd, 2pm - 4:30pm MST Online 

$33, Very Limited Space, First come first serve

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​Sisterhood of the rose

You are the Divine Singing

Let It Sing Your Soul 

Divine feminine mysteries

The container is safe, the space is sacred. The doors are unlocked and held open for you. 

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​Return to the roots of your being, your Feminine Power.