"We are the women, we come to drum. We are the channel 'tween the Earth and the Sun." 
Women have been circling for millennia.

Remember, return, resource. 

Practical Prayer


Connect your heart with your voice. Tap your roots deep into the Earth. Nourish the soul with the power of your intentional attention to the Spirit. 

Divine feminine mysteries

The container is safe, the space is sacred. The doors are unlocked and held open for you. 

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​Return to the roots of your being, your Feminine Power. 

⊱Akashic Record Readings with the Ancestors⊰

SPECIAL 10.23 - 11.11 ​$111/hr (usual rate $180)​​

As we approach All Hallows Eve, the veils between the worlds are thin, and we are open to receive the messages of those we have loved and lost.

Special Events

​Sisterhood of the rose

 This 10 week online course provides a foundation in Celtic/Pagan sacred practices and the path of the Priestess, walking in the Divine Feminine.

More information on facebook here. 

Immerse yourself in Sonic Light Codes and Light Language to calibrate within the

Master Gateway of 11.11.11. Align and prepare for the next great leap in our individual and collective evolution with devotion to the Divine Plan on Earth, the Ascension of Mother Gaia Sophia.

Secure your spot! $33

11.11.11 (2018) 4:44 (MOVED LOCATION!) The Salted Pixie 

​1 Highlands Blvd, Suite 101, Archbald, Pennsylvania 18403

Join this very special Akashic Tea Time circle to focus on the voices of those who love you unconditionally and who are the foundation of your existence. Without them, you wouldn't be here. Let us circle, honor and receive guidance from those who have gone before. $22

You are the Divine Singing

Let It Sing Your Soul