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​​​​​What clients have said about Erin Sunniva: 

"Erin Sunniva McHugh offers truly amazing insight and deep work. In my time with her I was able to speak with my [deceased] father and gain clarity and inner peace with his absence. During our time she also helped me solidify my life path and accept it as so, find my home and re-connect with my higher self and the deep wisdom I carry. I see A LOT of practitioners, healers, readers of other rhelms and so forth. Erin is the real deal! I highly HIGHLY suggest receiving her work and trusting in her abilities." Cassie Lyn, Boulder, CO

"[Erin] was present, tuned in and turned up to the higher frequencies. I was able to get some clarity on some things I haven't been able to see clearly myself. 
I gleaned some wonderful tools to use moving forward [and] got a message direct from my star family. 
She is a true Priestess and holds her self to a vibration of love, honor and integrity.
If you're seeking guidance, tools, wisdom, answers, or clarity, I highly recommend reaching out to do a session with her."

~ Sophia Reneé Isis

LMT, Naples, FL

"I watched Erin's livestream and the meditation had me extremely relaxed. Her beauty & wisdom is pure and raw and I appreciate being able to calm my anxiety with her videos!" 

~ Hayley Holmes

Caregiver, Longmont, CO

With a lifetime of singing and over 15 years of applied sound healing and prayer Erin "Sunniva" McHugh has developed an innate ability to commune with the astral plane and become a sonic vessel for healing. This is a gift that she uses in her Akashic Record and Tarot Readings and even more so to awaken the same ability in others with her powerful performance rituals and in her workshop, Singing the Prayer Within. This comprehensive workshop combines technical training in breath support and pranayama with the art of intuition and prayer. Transform lifelong fears of singing into the pure joy of self expression and trusting the voice calling from within. Erin Sunniva is now teaching this work in a bi-weekly class, Sound Body Sanctuary, to support the development and confidence in the voice as the foundation for authentic expression and connecting to the greater self. 

Sunniva is influenced by Nature and the desire to live and thrive alongside Her. As a student of Ireland's Stellar Fairbairn and feeling freed by the works of Tom Kenyon and connecting to the Hathors, her authentic journey brought her to the healing properties of sound and the deepest desire to express the Soul's voice. The confluence of singing and being a channel inspires Erin to bring her students and friends into Nature to sing and align with the ever changing Earth frequencies and bring balance and clarity into their everyday. She calls this Harmonic Calibration: harmonizing the human body's vibration with that of the Earth.  Here is an in depth explanation of this work and it's ancient origins.  In warm weather, we gather in the woods to sing and activate our hearts while connecting to the Earth and her healing frequencies. 

Sunniva is a champion of singing in 432hz frequency. This is a specific tuning in which instruments align their sound. It's very close to concert pitch that you hear in everyday music, on the radio and in the concert hall, which is 440hz. This pertains to the frequency of the sound wave. It just so happens that the frequency of the head is 440hz whereas the frequency of the heart is 432hz. The decision to tune all popular music to A-440hz developed over time but more specifically, a pivotal moment in time was in 1721 when a decision was made in European orchestras to stick with 440hz which held sway and spread throughout the music of the western world. Some believe it might have been entirely intentional to establish a tuning for the world that would maintain one's reception and resonance in the brain instead of the heart. It is Sunniva's mission on this Earth to return to the true resonance of Sacred Geometry in sound and soul and be a missionary of sonic alchemy through the wavelengths of healing and heart-based living. Find out more about 432hz here.  But think of it, Mozart, Verdi, Beethoven, all their music was written and played in 432hz....