“Our Dearest Rena,
We would like to express our genuine gratitude for bestowing upon us a magical wedding ceremony. Thank you for your cheerful kindness, and for all of your guidance, love and support. You were very beautifully composed and you did such an amazing job. Thank you again for everything you did to make our wedding so perfect. Much love always!” 
Cynthia & Michel Solounias 
New York, NY

"My tarot card reading with Rena was insightful, concise, and very tangible. She has a great authority around the subject matter and facilitated the information in such a beautiful and nurturing way. Her presence and energy is so welcoming and luminous. I highly recommend a reading with her!" 
Felipe Gonzalez
Yoga Instructor
New York, NY

“I had the honor of experiencing a Rose healing and energy work expertly facilitated by Rena and I was completely overwhelmed with the blessings I received. Rena is highly intuitive and gracefully nurturing. The healing was a living breathing activation of energy alignment connecting to the healing vibration of the Rose essence and it’s medicinal properties through sensory experience, intention and prayer. Rena has a no nonsense approach and is an excellent communicator. As we embarked on the journey I was able to ask questions when I needed clarification, and through her masterful direction she guided me through a process which helped me navigate the challenges I was facing in my life and come out the other side. There were many beautiful surprises and gifts that I received along with an invitation to continue the work she helped me set into motion and clear instructions for completion of our ceremony on my own, in nature, with the power of Mother Earth and nature spirits as my allies. I most highly recommend the opportunity to be with Rena and experience the work of such a masterful healer. I am so grateful to Rena for her devotion, dedication to Spirit and loving kindness.” 
Noah Jordan

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Rena Unger is a NYC based sacred living guide, ceremony priestess, bhakti and kids yoga teacher, certified chef and culinary educator specializing in traditional healing modalities including Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, energy healing, plant medicine, alchemical rituals, mysticism, holistic nutrition and therapeutic movement. Rena shares her passion as a motivational speaker, writer, instructor, recipe consultant and high vibrational lifestyle guide for individuals and families. Rena has gained knowledge from studies around the world including India, Bali, Japan, China, Australia and South America. Rena’s mission is to help others to find their unique and evolving path of wellness and self-love.

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