We all have the opportunity to stand back and have a greater perspective of our lives. It’s not exactly easy at first but we can do it with a persistent course of self-love. It is this self-love that increases as you practice and it gets easier and easier. This love becomes love of other because we are allowing the full periphery into view which includes the other participants in the story. Through self-love and observation, a woman can see a story for what it is, separate from her. She can forgive herself and all the participants of the story for she has seen the reason for the teaching. Acceptance takes over and the story can travel on like dry soil in a gust of wind. Be removing himself from the story, a man can step into the truth of his being without being burdened with the narrative of his childhood, the direction from his parents to be this way or that. In the gaze of the mirror, which once reflected his failures, he can see that they are not his but they were there to teach him. And so they did. He is able to gather the wisdom of his Truth and move on. We have taken ourselves out of the story in order to see the volume of our library.

As the observer increases practicing separation from the story, there is a point where one can see the thread through the lifetimes, the web that binds our lives together. To bring the ultimate healing to our lives we must include ALL of our being and all of our lives.

You may have heard of your Higher Self or your Greater Self. This is the part of you that rests a few dimensions beyond the 5th in the space of Perfection with connection to Source through the Oversoul. The Higher Self is the Soul and has dominion over this life and the choices made therein. It guides you toward your potential while acting in accordance with your Highest Good and the Greater Good of All. This Greater Good connects you with your Oversoul. The Oversoul is the Master of your being from a grander perspective, incorporating the Soul of this life and all the lives connected with this one for the purpose of learning and evolution. The Soul and the Oversoul exist for the sheer purpose of experience! We are the Soul/Oversoul desiring to know, knowing, and expressing itself!  

A loving gift from the Eclipse window... (8/12/17)

                                                                The Time of the Great Revealing

They will talk about it for centuries to come. When the people, blinded for thousands of years, finally woke, saw, and honored what was revealed to them...

 This time we are in is creating quite a stirring. Many people around the world are waking up and processing valuable karmic stories once and for all. These stories have pestered them through the life stream, again and again, caught in the cycle of life, death, re-birth. But the time has come for the Great Revealing and nothing but the Truth shown in each gleaming human eye.

The karma/stories that bind humans have really done a fantastic job of removing the memory of everlasting unconditional love. They are perfect at stealing away the essence of truth of ones being through the masochistic masturbatory blunders of emotions. But this is the time of revealing and, if we so choose, we may never be the same again.

There are ways to do this work, healing with your other selves. There is regression therapy where you can address each life that lives the story that is showing itself in this life. You can trace a karmic line through lifetimes just by finding the story thread and how a situation makes you feel. Through a safe container with a guide (an experienced practitioner may guide themselves), one can follow the thread of the feeling through the sub-conscience. The sub conscience holds the key to the inner worlds and can travel - by intention – through the dimensions, the space between lives. More on this profound healing process at another time. 

Other ways this work may occur is in a shamanic journey or a sanctified container in the presence of an entheogen plant teacher, such as ayahuasca or psilocybin mushrooms. When the subconscious is able to detach from the conscious and travel the dimensions, the ego can step out of the way for the Soul to learn and re-member. To put the self back together.

As much as I honor and am humbled by both these practices, an easier and less intense awareness has come to me and I feel almost silly for not having done this for myself before.

I love to call in the presence of my Higher Self. When I meditate, pray, sing, read psychically for others, feel nervous, am in conflict, etc. I call in my Higher Self and sometimes my Highest Self. But recently, out of intense need for what I was doing in the moment (saving that story for another time, *ahem, Norway!), I called out for the presence of my Oversoul. In the experience I was present to another life of mine coming forward and the emotions of that life were so strongly affecting me I had to remember my training and breathe my current life full into my being and know what I was experiencing emotionally, rather intensely, was not mine. In the next moment I called upon my Oversoul. Almost with an element of indignation that I would come upon such suffering still lingering in any of my lifestreams. How dare you allow this to be!! But I knew that the presence of my Oversoul would allow the powerful healing and release to take place on all possible levels.

Lion's Gate Calibration 8/8/8 (17)

The Earth's Axis is in alignment with the Galactic center. This means powerful energies and information are pouring to and through us. Allow yourself the space to receive. Open your heart, you will feel what you need to. From my Heart of Hearts to yours. 

Copywrite 8.29.2016 Erin Sunniva McHugh

The Oversoul exists out of Time. Time was created by humans, there are no “lifetimes” there are lifestreams. Reality of past present future does not exist on a linear scale but in a spiral of all things happening now. It is always now and can only ever be now. That’s why it is easy for us, if we are pure of heart and deed, to reach through the illusion of time to touch the space of pure life, pure healing: Love. It is in this place of love that all healing occurs, anywhen. It is this space of love that connects each life living now. Whether this is an Earthly life or on another planet, in another galaxy, way back to the Dinosaurs or way forward to total mastery of self, love unites the stories and obliterates them all at the same time.

Calling on your Oversoul to bring healing to the experience of (what you are currently experiencing) allows the karma that lives in the story thread to be seen for what it is. It allows the dissonance of the story showing up now to settle and understanding to ring resonance.

I’m not saying this is easy. It’s a practice. It is important to pay attention to the subtleties. Whereas a therapy session can guide you on a protocol to retrieve the life that relates to the story you are experiencing, not everyone has access to quality hypnotherapists that really know about healing with Divine Light and Love that is necessary for this deep healing. (I know the best if you need a connection!) And not everyone is into losing themselves on psychedelic journey in order to connect with the healing now. Those sessions can be messy, difficult, uncomfortable, and taxing before you get to the bliss-out in all wonder of the universe, I have all the answers, type of experience.

This practice of observation and calling upon the Oversoul is one that you get to harness and hone. That you get to refine and have fun with. And it’s free!!

It all starts with love. Love yourself enough to live the life you deserve, free of story and emotions that take over and affect your relationships. Forgive those and bring love to the space where the story once reigned. Your heart is all powerful and will guide you to the place of freedom. I promise.