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Erin Sunniva's Home 6:30 - 8:30 pm

June 10  North Boulder Park

July 8  New Location - South Boulder 

August 12  South Boulder 

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This is a sacred path we walk,
our sisters by our sides
The Great Mother, the teacher
the many faces she designs
The Mysteries are the mission
return the balance on the Earth
Awaken all the women
that they may know what they are worth
Return to the Temple
Wash the dust from your feet
It is your Greatest Self
You have the privilege to meet
To walk the path of love
completely guided by your heart
to fulfill the greatest good
this is where you start

~Erin-Sunniva McHugh

Step forward to receive your Sacred Rose.

Align your Spirit with the True Divine Feminine Cosmic Sophia!

Mary Magdalene is Divine Wisdom embodied.

Her work and Her ways guide us into the unconditional

Loving Heart of the Mother.  

No matter what you have heard of the story of Mary Magdalene, the truth is she was and still is a teacher of love and it's magnificent power. I have been working with the energies and ways of this wonderful teacher of the Divine Feminine for over 10 years. In that time I have experienced incredible healing through the way of the Magdalene. I have also developed as a human, a healer, and a priestess in ways I could never have imagined. 

This work is bigger than just Mary Magdalene. This is about using the heart's intelligence to tap into the Divine Mystery in you! 

Sisters, are you ready to open up to your magic? Explore the realms of your psyche and depths of your inner Temple? Are you ready to connect to the power of your gifts, activate them and align with your Sovereign, Galactic, multidimensional Self? Step into your Priestess Power, your womb magic, your relationship and ability to command the Light! 

This path is about discovering the sacred within, the sweet rose blooming transcendence. Initiate yourself into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries with intimate guidance and

This 10 week online course provides a foundation in Earth-based mysteries and the Path of the Priestess, walking in the Divine Feminine.

Some topics covered in the course (all series are uniquely tailored to align with individual's talents and affinities):

Celtic/ Pagan Medicine Path
Feminine Moon-Blood Mysteries/ Womb Magic
Energetic Clearing and Shielding/Working with AA Michael
Anchoring Sovereign Authority/ Accessing the Astral
Akashic Records/ Psychic Development
Light Language/Sound Healing

And other Spiritual Alchemy tools! 

Financial investment: $1111

Sliding scale available based on authentic ability.

Consider sponsoring a sister for Scholarship! 

***Everyone deserves to grow and learn and open powerful doors for themselves. Finances should not hold anyone back from their greatest potential. ***