This healing clinic, in the name of Mary Magdalene, is an opportunity for women healers to come together and provide their services at a discounted rate to support the community in the power of sisterhood.

July 22nd is the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene. So many of us have been, are just now, and are continuing to awaken to our connection to the TRUE story and teachings of Mary Magdalene and her real purpose as a healer, Priestess, and Teacher.

Join us for a day of Divine Healing in many forms: Massage; Sound Healing; Psychic Readings; Reiki/Energy Work; CDB Hemp Oil samples; Healing Foods and more! 

There will be a sacred space for the young Magdalene's discovering healing in their hearts from 12-4pm with different Mini Magdalene workshops guided by the innocence of the young ones.

Sessions with healers will be provided by donation. Take this opportunity to bathe in the lap of the Divine Feminine and support the women healers in your community.

Featured Healers to be announced soon!

Get your ticket now!

Suggested readings to learn more about and connect deeper to Mary Magdalene