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Each month is a new focus 

February ~ ​Irish/Celtic History and Mystery

March ~ Geomancy/Singing the Earth

April ~ Shamanic Journeying to Remember

May ~ Ancient Connections (Atlantis and Egypt)

June 18 - 30 ~ A Voyage Home to Ireland, Summer Solstice 2018

A discussion on Goddess and Saint Brigid with Katie Blackwell

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The diaspora of humanity over the ages has caused rifts of separation in the hearts of people as they have left or been torn from their homelands. As refugees around the world currently seek asylum and sanctity, so do the hearts of the distant descendants, aching for a return to their roots. Now is the time to answer the call of your ancestors. You can hear their voices in the wind, in the silence of your heart. Join us as you remember who you are and rebuild connections to your sacred inheritance. 

An introduction to living among ancient sacred sites filled with rich history with David Maddy.

Featured Local Guides: 

Geraldine Broadly, Stellar Fairbairn, Karen Minchin, David Maddy, Katie Blackwell

An important aspect of Divine Singing’s work is supporting the human community in the healing of Ancestral wounds by unraveling colonization within the hearts of the descendants of Ireland, UK, and Europe. There is an important healing that is happening in North America that all can step into, when they are ready. By giving honor and recognition to the indigenous ancestors of the land we live on, we activate healing within our ancient selves and familial karma. With the invocation of forgiveness, we are reweaving our history by providing a firmament for our soul paths to venture higher and anchor the New Earth grid in the energy of harmony, humility, love, and reparations. This presence of honor in the spirit of the land of our birth coupled with the desire to know the land of our ancestors creates a potent crucible for profound healing in the web of family and past life karma.

Ireland's Ascendants

Danu is the Mother Goddess of the Tuatha de Danaan (the people of Danu). Here, I am singing different names for Danu. The Tuatha are a Pre-Celtic tribe of Ireland or Eriu (at their time).

February Module 

We explore the many ways to connect to the land and the ley lines through Geomancy with Geraldine Broadley.

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Divine Singing is honored to collaborate with local

Irish experts to deliver the authentic wisdom of this sacred island. 

When we visit the sacred sites of the Emerald Isle, we are there to activate our individual and collective purpose. Are you ready to step in to your true, whole self? A deep conversation with sacred songstress, Stellar.

​A journey of the heart and mind to restore the soul! 

May this work touch you in some way, somewhere along this journey, and fill your soul with the very magic of Ireland. She is a deep and mysterious pool of knowledge, wisdom, and beauty and we are only dipping our toes into the sweet waters with these conversations.

Sung with two people or groups singing the two parts: 

1) Dana O Dana....

2) Dana Danuana Diana Demoyena

March Module