From the waves of the sea pounding a rhythm into the rock walls of great cliffs, to the sweet redemption of summer rains. From the beating heart of the Mother, to the singing voices in the jungle. Sound and music is omnipresent in this beautiful planet of ours, it is everywhere and in everything, in form and frequency. 

The Circle of Life music project is an ever evolving cycle of expansion and contraction through sound and structure. The instruments used and participants playing on any given day may change, providing unique and appropriate medicine for the moment. 

Erin Sunniva created this project to be in service to music with a gesture of heart-opening devotion, gathering loved ones together in celebration of life itself.

You can experience Circle of Life at Festivals (Arise), Performing in the Boulder/Denver area at events and private ceremonies. 

 ...more information and contributing members to come! 

Circle of Life Music